About Diana


Diana Patient is a portrait and fine art photographer who wishes to understand more about human identity, about who we are and who we can be. The process of a photoshoot is as interesting to Diana as the end product as she explores the idea that the self becomes more fluid in front when confronted with a camera and it becomes a tool to release our inner most creativity.

‘Well that’s rather gorgeous!’ – Mike Trow, Picture Editor Vogue.

Challenging roles in fashion with her self-portrait collaborations with designers, including Missoni, Diana asks the question Who Can We Be? Her self-portrait work champions creative acknowledgment for the model as well as the photographer. She has worked for Angharad Probert in Paris, became brand photographer for Ascoli in Milan, and Missoni invited her to collaborate with them at their family home and factory in Sumirago for which she created a piece named Intruder.

‘London-based photographer Diana Patient has worked for the press, photographed ballet dancers and fashion spreads, but she is best known for her dreamy, romantic portraits and self-portraits.’ – Missoni Moments

With a background in literature, writing and painting Diana and started her career in photography with a brief stint as a writer, then photographer, at the Daily Mirror. Since then she has worked for Vice China, Abitare, Ascoli, and her piece on travellers at Appleby Fair has just been featured on Vice UK .

‘Whilst I was playing in the river, a little apprehensive and shy, she made me forget myself and yet depicted me so vividly. I had no idea she was doing something immense and great.’ – Aalia Khan


Freelance photographer


Artistic direction for photo shoots.


Photographed for Missoni, Harrods, Girl’s Guide to Paris, Bestival, Vice, Abitare blog, Ascoli, La Seaporta, Living Etc., etc.

Artistic director and photographer for the collective Adorn www.theadorncollective.com



Copyright 2013 © Diana Patient – All rights reserved.  My images may not be reproduced in any form without my written consent. If you are interested in buying my work and the rights to use it, feel free to send me a note. Please don’t send me notes with stock requests or requests to use my work on your own website for free.

12 thoughts on “About Diana

  1. Hi Diana–just took a little wander around your blog and really enjoy it, from the travel to the portraiture. Yes, like you said, all about creative vision and not fancy equipment. Look forward to seeing more. Best, L

  2. Happy New Year, Diana!

    I’ve just spent some time catching up with your blog. I’m blown away by the artistry of your photography and illustrations. Your aesthetic is sublime. I have a little surprise for you (can’t tell you what just yet because I’m still working on it…it’s rather a large project), but because my head is swimming with your beautiful images, I just had to get in touch.

    Be well,

      • Dear Diana,

        Here’s the news about my project: I’m nominating you and 14 other bloggers for a Versatile Blogger Award. (Being nominated actually means you’re getting the award, so congratulations!) My post will be going up sometime within the next 24 hours; you should receive a pingback or something alerting you.

        My dream in life is to have my picture taken by you someday!


  3. Oh wow this is so incredibly kind of you!

    I’m honoured, really honoured.

    Going to tell everyone now 😉

    And looking forward to that day Marci. We’ll do some great photographs…

    Love Diana,

  4. Diana,

    I often find myself turning to your pages in moments of procrastination in the library and I love seeing all the new and wonderful things you have been up to. I can’t wait till I turn everything in so that I can have another incredible photoshoot with you! Until then, I shall return to the third chapter of my dissertation and aim to complete it to my best ability! ha! lots of love!

    Em xxx

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