Matthew Williamson X Ellsewhere

18diamondmothellsewherefashion portraitdianapatientfulhampalacematthewwilliamson

Matthew Williamson X Ellsewhere now on my website

In the depths of Fulham Palace, seven strong women take a moment to rest during London’s most elegant party But what do the beautiful garments by Matthew Williamson and their enchanting headpieces by Ellsewhere say about their origin? Ethereal in appearance and strong in pose – they pause for a brief moment of calm to be photographed by Diana Patient. Seven creatures – created in the image of diamond moths and stars are enveloped by orchids from the deep blue and relax in the tender smoke of a Mushroom dream.

03jellyfishturbanlobsterellsewherefashion portraitdianapatientfulhampalacematthewwilliamson

 Millinery by Natalie Ellner for Ellsewhere
Garments by Matthew Williamson (and My Eden)
Photography by Diana Patient
Hair and Makeup by Face Addict Hair Junkie
Costume Assistants Francesca Priz and Jessica Hamilton-Griffin
Venue Fulham Palace

12mushroomdreamellsewherefashion portraitdianapatientfulhampalacematthewwilliamson

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