Competition or Giveaway / Portrait / Shoot


I want to meet and photograph new people.

I probably want to meet you, because you’re different and I would love some different faces to work with.

So for a short time away from my normal work I am opening the doors and lowering my prices but not for long.

Read on to find out how and when.



Want an image to capture this moment in time, this part of your life?
Want a portrait that is candid but aware, with all the character of a street photography but all the beauty of a fashion shot?

For a limited time only (16 June) I am offering £55 mini London portrait sessions. I hope this will open doors to meet all sorts of new and interesting people who wouldn’t be able to afford to try a portrait out before. There are millions of people in London each with stories to tell in their faces, moments to capture. Coming back from Bangladesh where community is so important it reaffirmed for me that in the chaos each and everyone’s place is important. I hope to connect with people back here and create beautiful work together.

Email to receive a brochure and book your portrait session.

Who can we be? Let’s find out together.
Limited number of places. Offer ends 16th June and purchase is valid for up to 4 months.


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