Bangladesh – The Three Month Adventure


Dear Adventurers,

For about a year now I have been feeling restless. I love London and in my opinion it is one of the most welcoming and culturally diverse cities I have ever been too.

However, I was sitting in a cafe somewhere in the East one day and I decided I wanted out. It was a particularly bad day and no one was speaking, there were one too many of, what I thought were, judgemental people sat at cafe windows on constant fashion watch and then my coffee came to over £3. I don’t even like coffee that much.

I had a ‘what are you doing here?’ moment. And it wasn’t the coffee, the silence or the people I was probably judging, it was me. I needed another challenge.

I wanted to be in a different, maybe closer community–something that I wasn’t used to. I wanted to challenge myself personally. Being a professional photographer has been a very fulfilling career challenge so far but I hadn’t taken a geographical adventure.

So I began to plan. India had always appealed to me and when I got offered the chance to go to Bangladesh on the last day of February 2014 I couldn’t believe my luck.

I am going to be photographing and volunteering with VSO and Renaissance a women’s charity in Bagherat.

Gosh, I have learnt so much from preparing for this trip, from changing my opinions on developing countries and seeing how much progress the world has made with the help of aid in reaching the Millennium Goals. It’s almost been a journey in itself.

And I have goals of my own for this trip.

I’m not sure what I’m going to be able to do for others I feel it will be me that will change the most.

When I get back from Bangladesh I hope I will be wiser than when I left, that I’ll have learnt humility that comes with realising how big the world is and, finally, that I’ll be a better photographer. Not in terms of skills and F-stops, but because I’ll be a better person and every angle will be processed from a place of respect and understanding.

If I don’t speak to you before, wish me luck.

Love Diana

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All images copyright of Diana Patient 2014.


4 thoughts on “Bangladesh – The Three Month Adventure

  1. Dear Diana,

    Good luck indeed – brave and bold steps. I’ll look out for updates on your blog as you go. Have a great time in all the ways you are anticipating and probably some others which you aren’t.

    Just remembered I found something about Bangladesh online last year so attached are some diaries of a volunteer who went to Bangladesh which I adapted for a practice reading exam paper. Some similar thoughts coming through.

    Best wishes for a safe and successful trip,

    Alan Matlock

    • Thank you so much! Wonderful send off words.

      I have been thinking about this quote a lot:
      ‘If you want something to change you have to do something different.’

      Let’s see what happens.


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