Fashion / Self Portrait


‘“I take a thought, a story, a theory and turn it into a reality with beautiful locations, clothes, movement. I’m in search of intelligence and beauty when I create my work.” London-based photographer Diana Patient has worked for the press, photographed ballet dancers and fashion spreads, but she is best known for her dreamy, romantic portraits and self-portraits. We had a chat with her about self-portraits, selfies and smizing.’

The zigzag questionaire: Diana Patient

I am so pleased to be able to share my collaboration with Missoni.


In a summer that seems so long ago I travelled to the Missoni family home and factory in Sumirago, Italy and photographed self-portraits wearing Missoni designs from past to present.

The piece is called Intruder and explores the simple idea that being in one of the most legendary fashion houses I didn’t belong: I am not a Missoni and I am not a well-known fashion photographer yet.

Languid discovery, a legendary Italian fashion house and of course beautiful clothes make up this piece.

Click here to read the interview and see the piece displayed on Missoni’s Moments.


All images copyright of Diana Patient 2013.

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