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Dalston Low-Light

Come here for the vintage clothing? Browse the images below then send me an email at to bag the item and look at other pictures.

It’s always good to experiment so I went out at night with the wonderful Claudia and Grace and a crop of vintage loveliness to photograph in Dalston.

I wanted to capture the calm and use the available light to imply epiphany or creative inspiration in places that you’d usually go to attack your senses.

Maybe not so much anymore, but there were a lot of artists in East London, and I sometimes feel Dalston lacks that calm where you’d really create your life’s work, that one idea burning at the back of your heart. It is so easy to let yourself be influenced by all the creative people around you, fire out work to please and compete rather than sitting down patiently and drawing a map to your dreams.

And very often you’ll have a epiphany an insight that will push you to focus, think

“Who can I be?”

and then it all starts.

Hope you enjoy the photographs and if you like any of the clothing you can email to inquire if it is still available at

DLP_3584-Edit DLP_3882-Edit

GracesmallDLP_3620 DLP_3604 DLP_3633 DLP_3648-Edit DLP_3683  DLP_3805  DLP_3749-Edit

DLP_3732 DLP_3796

DLP_3886 DLP_3884

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