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Behind-the-scenes on the Angels 2013 shoot (with video!)

No Angel photoshoot would be complete without a bit of behind-the-scenes fun. This time we had Maria creating a BTS video for us and it really captures the fun we had that day. I am selling the majority of the garments worn by the Angels in this shoot–so a chance for you to get your hands on vintage flowing pieces for your summer! Email me at info@dianapatient.co.uk to ask for a piece before they go on sale to the general public.


I love my photoshoots with the Angels, they come round twice a year and are such a lovely difference to my professional work and they aren’t even the same as my artistic projects. I think the big difference is that these girls are the most beautiful intelligent souls you’ll meet and they are my friends. We all have these friends who support you (priceless when you start you’re own business in the arts) all whilst they do amazing things of their own– breaking new ground researching DNA at UCL, off to start adventures in South America and Paris and conquering The City in London.

Video by Maria Irujo De Codes

It’s amazing watching so much vibrancy come together in one small lake. I remember walking into the cafe at Somerset House last December where everyone was waiting for the Christmas Angels shoot to begin and feeling this amount of energy in the corner of the room and everyone in the cafe felt it too I’m sure. Friendship is so important especially friendship that encourages you behind-the-scenes: when my flight to a job has been delayed by 10 hours, when I need to run a business or creative idea past someone or when I land the shoot of my dreams these guys are always there cheering me on.


So these photographs are like pictures from a very elaborate personal album documenting bi-anually the loves of my life. I’ve always been drawn to work like Easter and Oak Trees by Bertien van Manen or The Brown Sisters by Nicholas Nixon (follow the links they are fascinating and whimsical all at once) which depict family or are literally, in Bertien van Manen case, a release of personal archives. I’m enchanted by laughter, friendship and playing make-believe altogether in a world we make real…


Enjoy the BTS and please leave a comment…I’d love to know your favourite memories of friendship.

So here we have a video and many of my outtakes plus photographs taken by Maria when I decided to join in–I couldn’t resist!



 DLP_1268 DLP_0809-Edit

DLP_0878 DLP_0729-Edit-2 DLP_1062

DLP_0910 DLP_0824-Edit

DLP_1084 DLP_0907 DLP_0990 DLP_0906 DLP_1173 DLP_0885DLP_0904





DLP_0950 DLP_0897-EditDLP_1029-Edit



All images copyright of Diana Patient 2013.


3 thoughts on “Behind-the-scenes on the Angels 2013 shoot (with video!)

  1. That is lovely and I think sums up why I do what I do…
    For that brief time that you are shooting, socializing, living, laughing, it is another happier and better world.
    Thank you for sharing this

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