The Parisian Bloggers You Want to Watch…


…a feast of fashion blogging and doors to Parisian worlds…

If you haven’t already, meet Anne-Laure of Adénorah,  Emilie of The Brunette , Ed of EdMag and Vanessa, one half of Une Armoire Pour Deux. Four wonderful Parisian bloggers all in one place.

I photographed them in Paris at their event, Vide Dressing in Châtelet.


DLP_9911 DLP_9912


Adénorah is a 23 year old blogger living in Paris, an urban rapunzel, a polished hipster and master of effortless cool. She always has great sunglasses and reminds me a little of trend-setter Mary-Kate Olsen. Her photographs of style she finds on the street are rather beautiful as well…




One of the best men’s fashion bloggers in Paris with his own t-shirt and sweatshirt brand at EDMA Shop. He is a student in Bergamot with a passion for fashion and photography.*

DLP_9914 DLP_9923

Une Armoire Pour Deux

Vanessa is my new style crush and one half of the Une Armoire Pour Deux duo. A fashion stylist herself, I love her use of colour and volume (look at that amazing blue skirt she is wearing!) and she works red lipstick like a goddess. Kevin a book seller and gallery owner and the other mastermind behind the blog, showcases great wearable looks for men. They photograph stylish couples every month which is so interesting seeing who looks a like and compliments one another. Featured every where from Vogue to H&M reading the blog feels like you’ve hit a goldmine of inspiration.



DLP_9963 DLP_9965


So elegant even in a t-shirt, Emilie’s blog is like a masterclass in Parisian beauty. She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Blogging since 2007, The Brunette covers beauty to fashion but also sight-seeing and updates of fabulous projects she is involved in like designing a bag for IKKS!



Hope you enjoyed the photographs and if you hadn’t heard of this power team before you have fun exploring their blogs now…

Love Diana,



All images copyright of Diana Patient 2013.

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