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Featured on Cosmopolitan’s Get Confident Blog!

‘The thing about Diana is that she doesn’t just take photographs, like so many with a camera do; she tells stories. I’ve seen her at work and she can transform people into whoever they want to be; from Audrey Hepburn to Mad Men’s Joan, a 1920s flapper girl to Audrey Tatou’s Amelie, Diana will take whatever you’re dreaming of and make it a reality.’

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 12.12.24

I photographed Cosmopolitan writer, Kayleigh Dray who on a mission to get confident for Cosmo! She is writing a blog as she takes on everything from hypnosis to counselling in a bid to overcome her self-esteem issues.

The theme of our shoot was Audrey Hepburn and we had a wonderful day from the streets of London to inside the diamond vaults at the Natural History Museum. Kayleigh was a natural behind the camera and you can read all about her experience here on her blog.

I really do believe that having your photograph taken is a way to play and allow yourself to try out different characters. Confidence comes from allowing the freedom to discover who we can be not restraining ourselves to who we think we are or must be. We all have many worlds and wonderful ideas inside of us and every part of us is valid.
I love Kayleigh’s photographs and think she looks every inch the movie star. Believe in people and you will encourage them no end.

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