Competition or Giveaway

Winner of the Mad Men photoshoot

ANNOUNCEMENT: Winner of the Mad Men photoshoot iss to Rebecca from Brighton! Loved your answer Rebecca!


Here is her winning answer:

Which character would you be?: I’ve always quite fancied the idea of dressing up Megan / Trudy style. I chose Midge as my favourite character as I have a weakness for a beret, and the oversized white shirt/big black knicker combo was understated allure at its best.

My Madison Avenue adventure: I’d settle for a seat on the creative team, subtle cat’s eye frame, houndstooth minidress, thick as thieves with Peg. I’d love to whip up some winning headlines, giving Don a run for his money. No affair, though he is without doubt ‘the don’. But I’d be looking for a snake-hipped poet type. 

Rebecca will receive a fully styled and thought out Mad Men shoot to suit her answer. Very exciting!

Thank you to everyone who applied I really enjoyed reading your answers and it was a close call! Rebecca and I are looking forward to sharing out results with you later this year!

Read all about the challenge here.


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