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Let’s Go Mad Men

A self-portrait in celebration of Mad Men’s Season 6 premiere this evening! I am also offering one Mad Men creative portrait shoot before the busy summer season; makeup, styling, and Don Draper lookalike included. See bottom of the post to find out how to apply!

The return of one of the most beautiful shows on television is back. I love everything from the cinematography (Christopher Manley), makeup (Lana Horochowski), hair (Theraesa Rivers), the words (Andre and Maria Jacquemetton) and of course all of the actors. Everything about it inspires me. I once did this experiment where I paused the show in random places and then took a picture. They were all works of art, but that I guess is another story…

This self-portrait was inspired by Megan Draper from Mad Men. I saw photographs of her new look for Season 6 and had to recreate. To throw some of my own into this I also referenced one of my all-time favourites Priscilla Presley. I love her style in her Graceland days and there is something distinctly Priscilla about Megan’s new look for Season 6.

So this is for you (and me) Mad Men lovers…



Zou bisous bisous!


Always wanted to star in a Mad Men episode? Now you can. I’m offering one photoshoot this April for an ace price. To apply for the Mad Men creative photoshoot fill out this form below with your favourite character and the reason you would LOVE a Mad Men shoot and your plot line. Would you have an affair with Don Draper? Go down in advertising history? It’s up to you:

All images copyright of Diana Patient 2013.


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