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Dear Photographer – Alice Gayle

Part-time model, full-time extraordinaire and now close friend Alice Gayle has been a regular at Diana Patient: Photography. Thank you to her for believing in a new-comer in the very beginning by investing her time and money in my photographs and also for being an inspiration to me. The people I meet along the way in pursuit of photography all have a special place in my heart–Alice especially.

Here are some words from the lovely lady herself:


Photographing in the Rio Cinema in London. One of our many adventures together…

‘Diana Patient Photography is a beautifully tailored experience that always presents me with stunning photographs. Diana is uniquely able to create stories around her subjects and offers a breath-taking, Alice-in-Wonderland style exploration into image creation. The purchase of a shoot with Diana always results in the unexpected and the production of high-end, beautiful photographs. Diana Patient Photography is always full to bursting with new concepts, and it is precisely this versatility that lends Diana to the range of editorial and personal projects that she has contributed to.’

All images copyright of Diana Patient 2013.

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