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Did you know about my Street-Style work in Paris?

I didn’t think so.

I felt it was time for a blog post on some of the street-style looks I have found and captured on the boulevards of the most “romantic city” in the world.

228316_572877769394013_1956349428_nGorgeous cat-eye sunglasses on a cafe sitter. Oh-so-chic!

I have been photographing and writing my own piece called Seen On the Streets of Paris for A Girls’ Guide to Paris for almost a year now and I have loved my wanders in the city. After I photographed my self portraits for Angharad Probert’s collection in Paris last year I was asked by this amazing San Fraciscan blog, A Girls’ Guide to Paris, if I could photograph for them. They have some amazing writers working for them and really do offer great ideas about what to do in Paris so have a look if you’re planning a trip there.

So inbetween other work I set off round the streets of Paris with my camera round my neck…

Street-style is very different from my other fashion and portrait photography work and I think I have learnt skills on the job that could work well for any photography where you have to work spontaneously with members of the public. Not only have I photographed some amazing outfits but I’ve also met some really interesting people.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 16.43.04

Me on A Girls’ Guide to Paris.

And of course, completely immersing myself in what people wear.

It is so fascinating studying the relationship between fashion magazines, high-street shops and then what people actually wear. How the seasons affect people’s attire and other practicalities limit or free an individuals sense of style. It helped me rethink the way I dressed and cultivate my own tastes away from what I found on the streets of Paris. Very interesting and I’m grateful I get to have these experiences.

You can read all my articles on A Girls’ Guide to Paris here.

532513_572882089393581_1395880163_nSexy heels stomping along the boulevard.

See more street-style photograph updates on my Facebook page.

All images copyright of Diana Patient 2013.

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