Dear Photographer...

Dear Photographer… – Rupe and Mike

Another testimonial from more of my truly beautiful clients. Another tale of love, this time between Micheal and Rupe Boylan. They were a fairytale to photograph and we did all the adventurous things one ought to do when in love and getting one’s photograph: like jump in rivers…


We are so fortunate to have worked with Diana Patient. We were familiar with Diana’s extraordinary body of work and just hoped that we could live up to the standards set by her previous clients. From our engagement shoot to our wedding day, Diana’s energy and enthusiasm were infectious; we even found ourselves jumping into the River Avon!

“Never in our wildest dreams did we expect to achieve the editorial and timeless photographs that Diana has produced for us”

The efforts and attentions that Diana bestowed upon us were far beyond that expected; her kind, encouraging and natural approach made for a seamless experience. Our families, friends, and we ourselves have the highest respect for Diana’s spirit, diligence and versatility. It is truly a privilege to say that the most incredible moments of our lives were captured by Diana Patient; the caliber of Diana’s work is nothing short of exceptional. Diana has given us beautiful memories, crafted through her unique, progressive vision, which we will marvel at and treasure for a lifetime. A photographic adventure with Diana Patient is priceless; we simply cannot believe how we came to be so lucky!

Rupe and Michael Boylan

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