Dear Photographer... / Portrait

Dear Photographer…

I want to start documenting all the lovely messages from my clients in a series of posts called Dear Photographer…

Hopefully this gives an insight into the way I work in this lonely digital age.

First off, this beautifully written testimonial from Maria. I photographer Maria and Pierpaolo’s wedding in Venice in summer and it was as charming and true as a beautiful work of art. I felt privileged to document it and when you feel truely inspired that moment and process and indeed, the photographs feel like a treasure to me, a glimpse into a magical time, that I lived…


I would love to thank Diana for being there for me on such a special day in my life, and I must confess that the pictures I got from the wedding are amazing. The simplicity and subtle little details captured: that is my idea of the important elements of wedding photography.

I love that Diana is not only a good photographer, who captures the precise picture and the outline of the event, she is an artist with a great perception of beauty and of life.

The atmosphere she brings to such an event is very magical – guests smile with sparkles in their eyes and the laughter makes that day so wonderful– and trust me, you will be very happy to re-discover all of that every time you look at your wedding photographs.
Pure feast of gratitude and admiration for Diana Patient Photography!

– Maria and Pierpaolo Veneto, Italy

All images copyright of Diana Patient 2013

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