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Angel’s Christmas Bazaar – A new photoshoot

Anyone else getting that Christmas feeling? I’m in Paris at the moment and, in-between photographing street-style, I have had a nice chance to catch my breath and take in all the lights. So it seemed the perfect time to release the Angel’s Christmas Bazaar shoot that I shot when I was in London.



Pound shop decorations and girls in gorgeous evening dresses made for a glamorously eclectic shoot. Two new Angels Maria and Patrycja made me realise all the different personalities in the group and in general how different portraits end up being from one person to another. Everyone has something different to contribute. It is something I believe strongly in: tailoring a photoshoot to the individual and working out who they can be. I met up with one of my clients from the Diana Calendar 2013 and she was saying that the experience of the photoshoot was like an adventure: climbing over rocks and commanding the sea at sunrise. I was so thrilled because part of the beauty of being photographed is the performance. You are whoever you want to be in that moment Venus rising from the sea, or a viking warrior or just someone who looks very good in a window in Paris…

We are all exploring our identities in this big wide world and there is a part of us all that longs for a little adventure and beautiful pieces of art to remember that adventure. I can offer that. So email me to discuss and we’ll plan your adventure or you can gift an adventure to a friend.

Now it’s time to enter the Angel’s adventure and we invite you to come and join the Christmas Ball…















More coming soon! Along with a video!

Love Diana


All images copyright of Diana Patient 2012.

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