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SALE Last Chance to Buy a personalised copy of Diana Calendar 2013!

Dear lovers of life,
THIS IS THE VERY LAST CHANCE TO BUY A PERSONALIZED DIANA CALENDAR 2013DEADLINE IS 18TH NOVEMBEREither buy from the store or if you don’t like Paypal from Etsy!

Thank you to everyone who has shown their tremendous support, bought purchased or featured in the Diana Calendar 2013! It’s looking exciting!

If you’re not an expert already read on to find out more about

Maria Pavlova one of the amazing people to feature in the Diana Calendar 2013
For those of you who have tuned in the Diana Calendar 2013 I have travelled Europe taking portraits of people throughout 2012. The Diana Calendar 2013 comprises of 12 limited edition prints, one for each month. It’s a chance to own an original of a photographer’s work and with the on line extras each month like behind-the-scenes videos, films, interviews with the people in the portraits it makes a great gift. Not your usual calendar.Here is what people have been saying about it so far:

‘My long time loving friend Diana Patient is great, because she sees the beauty in everything and everyone, and uses photography to help others see what she sees.
Everyone should get this.
‘ Katherine Riedel, Berlin

‘I will put it on my wall and keep it safely till you will have your first solo at the 303 Gallery in NY or at MocP of Chicago, or at the Tate near home…‘ Luca Astorri, Milan

‘Mind-blowingly brilliant photography’ David Christmas, Hamburg
‘Diana Calendar 2013 isn’t an ordinary calendar: the large size printed on gorgeous heavy weight paper, the extras on-line all-year round. This calendar means business! I love behind-the-scenes videos so I’m looking forward to indulging each month! ‘ Sofia Ascoli, London/Milan
‘Perfect gift for Christmas: modern twist on a classic. Plus I just feel ridiculously cool giving such an original gift.‘ Alice Gayle, London
So if that hasn’t convinced you the gorgeous Patrycja definitely will…
The gorgeous Patrycja featuring in the Diana Calendar 2013

…isn’t she beautiful?

Hope you are all well in the lead up to Christmas. I’m planning the next Angels Christmas shoot and film. A few surprises including a new addition to the Angels…watch this space.

If you have any problems or questions about the Diana Calendar 2013 please email as quickly as you can or if you just want to get a more in depth explanation of what you’re buying write me beautiful words…

Love Diana

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