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All the Work that Goes into a Photoshoot…Revealed

There is so much more to a photoshoot than the final image that everybody recognises, as you might imagine. It starts from ideas that spring into your mind on the train (carry a notebook), maybe you finally explore a passion (what do you want to say?) or perhaps you are fulfilling a brief for a client (in the most ingenious and creative way possible. Of course).

Maria just one of the beautiful people in the Diana Calendar 2013. You may have seen that her portrait is featuring in May on my Facebook page.  This is a beautiful unseen photograph: one of many that will be available to Diana Calendar 2013 owners in the exclusive on-line site showcasing interviews, short films, unseen photographs and behind-the-scenes gorgeousness every month.


Then comes the photoshoot itself the people who help to carry things, photography involves more lifting and walking that you might imagine (buy good shoes) and the person who is being photographed undergoes an emotional journey, finds herself (who can we be?). People apply makeup, do hair, find clothes, find location (my advice? be picky with your team or do it yourself. I do the makeup, styling, location finding on nearly all my shoots).

You come away with the photographs (and a 1000 hidden stories behind them).

The sad thing is that often these stories remain hidden.

I used to love the sketch behind the painting (the sketch and the painting). It made me fall in love with art and the process of chasing the beautiful images that passed through my head. I love watching the ‘making ofs’ for good films, I get excited to see tutorials on how to recreate a look, when a photographer posts a behind-the-scenes video or unseen photographs I go bonkers. It’s like being invited into a secret world.

So I decided to invite you into my secret world. Every. Month.

As well as being a calendar the Diana Calendar 2013 has a unique QR code (and a manual password if you don’t have an iPhone) on the back of each of the calendars. From January to December you will be able to dip into the world behind-the-scenes of each photoshoot. 12 photoshoots all shot exclusively for the Diana Calendar 2013 throughout 2012 and all across Europe. You can sit back and enjoy a new print on your wall and then type in the secret password and go on-line and see all the stories behind the physical photograph.

It’s going to be very exciting and I will be packing it full of unexpected extras (like a song performed by one of the people in the portraits as he is an excellent actor and singer) to the more traditional extra photographs and behind-the-scenes & art films.

A behind-the-scenes film for Maria’s photoshoot when people were still bidding to be in the Diana Calendar 2013. Now the spaces have all been taken and the calendar is in print but this is a good example of the content that you will find in the password-ed web-page available only to Diana Calendar 2013 purchasers.

So what are you waiting for? Get a brand new calendar to hang on your wall for 2013 AND access into a secret world behind-the-scenes.

Diana Calendar 2013 now also available to purchase on Etsy if you don’t like using Paypal.




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