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Shadow Me – Self Portraits for designer Angharad Probert

SHOOT: Self-Portrait shoot in Paris for Angharad Probert’s collection The Secret Public.

WHO?: Designer Angharad Probert; photographed and modelled by Diana Patient.

This the work Shadow Me I created for Angharad Probert’s collection The Secret Public. Even before I had read about the collection on this very talented designer’s website I had the idea that I wanted the theme to be about a girl being followed around Paris, willingly or not I wasn’t sure, but the viewer would always be one step behind her and each location determined by where the girl went. So I was impressed when I read about The Secret Public and Angharad had written:

From the stalking shadow the silhouette is engraved into the wearers’ garment. A permanent fixed mark of a following presence.’

There is something about the collection that clearly evoked this feeling in me with no need for description. Powerful stuff.

The piece was quite difficult to shoot being cold in Paris and self-portrait work is never easy, requiring a lot of time and patience, but I’m thrilled with how hauntingly it turned out. It was very interesting being both the photographer and the subject when working with with the theme of stalking and being followed. It was really important to detach myself from the camera at some moments to look unaware of its presence but also sometimes to feel it watching behind me so that the viewers focus knew what the camera was following.

I really hope everyone enjoys.

If you are interested in purchasing prints contact me on Similarly, I am producing a Pirelli inspired Diana Calendar 2013 which will go on sale in the next two months and I hope to feature one of the images here in that. Sign up to my newsletter to keep updated with this!

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