Portrait / Self Portrait / Shoot

Self-Portrait for MJ Batson at Central St. Martins.

SHOOT: Self-Portrait shoot at Central St. Martins

WHO?: Designer MJ Batson

First of all, can I say that the Central St. Martins Arts campus in Granary Square is looking amazing. I went there in May for my Magnum Photo workshop and I was impressed by the converted Grade II listed Granary Complex, now that the front has all the little fountains in place, I’m even more taken.

MJ Batson is an amazing designer and right now she is interning at Marchesa in New York. Before she went away we did a little project together for her final hand-in and had a lot of fun doing it.

It was great to flex the self-portrait muscles again and it is always so exciting being in a new environment with new clothes.

Ever wondered: if I were a boy? I need to wonder a little less, as I had the chance to be manly and completely flailed, I mean failed. Well, it was pretty difficult. We roped in Malcolm the builder to be one of my guys (I don’t know the terminology) and really offended him at first by shoving him without telling him what the brief was and looking like I suddenly looked like I wanted to start a fight. Sorry, Malcolm. There are some great shots but it became a whole other shoot.

I personally liked playing with abstract industrial shapes of the new campus and ended up creating these all in muted tones what else? Hard not to be inspired by that building. The light was beautiful but so were the shadows through the lace, from the building structure. Sun on hard stone, brick and concrete.

I’m off to Paris again soon and planning another Instagram and Tweet attack so that you can all come along with me (do not worry if you do not have Instagram, everything will be on Twitter as well).

Hope you enjoyed the shade and shadows in this self-portrait shoot.

All my love




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