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An Informal Update

So it has been a while since my last update here on the blog when I had a new surge of work and was learning how to deal with my time. Well, touch wood, the surge hasn’t left me yet and I have had some wonderful things happen to me…

The Summer Angels Shoot was one shoot and film I had to share with you all. A highlight of June.

I won one of 10 workshop places with the legendary Magnum photos, I cannot tell you how beneficial those two days were. I felt like I knew which road “professional” was pointing down and I was less afraid to follow my own ideas because we were given so many practical tools and tips on how to get there and earn a living. I mean, they didn’t promise a get rich quick scheme, striving to be a photographer like Eve Arnold (et al) is still tough, but a lot ways to survive and be able to keep up one’s passion. See my write-up of the weekend here.

Cheers! Wriothesley favourite opulently English product brand has printed their prospectuses with my photographs in them!

I’ve also aquired a job with A Girl’s Guide to Paris photographing street-style over in the City of Light. I have my very own feature Seen on the Streets of Paris twice a month. It’s a great way to meet people and I look at a street completely differently now. It takes me a while to get out of street-style mode.

Claire a beautiful Parisian stall owner that gave me coffee in the early morning as well as a wonderful photograph of her style

I’ve worked with another two designers on self-portraits since Paris: Ascoli and most recently Mary Jane Batson at Central St. Martins which I have yet to blog about.

Self-portrait for MJ Batson taken at Central St. Martins Arts campus

The Diana Calendar 2013 is going well and it’s exciting to see who is getting involved and being in the calendar. It includes you, yes even you reading this, so hurry and email me at so you can be the next June or December. I recently shot a beautiful set of pictures in Milan which I am keeping a surprise for 2013 when you all receive your calendars through your door! Here is a sneak peak of the location below though:

Preview of Milan shoot for Diana Calendar 2013


– Carry around your business cards religiously–I met someone from Elle in Paris and I didn’t have my card. Tragic performance, Diana, tragic.

– Schedule, schedule, schedule. I started a rigorous system last year came to the end of it was very busy and lost it again.

– Do not share too much on the Internet. Every now and again I see other businesses sharing large amounts and have a mini day panic and share a lot of half-baked ideas. Do it instead of wasting time saying you’ll do it.

Opals in Paris on the very beautiful girl who worked for Elle

So there I will leave you and see you in the next update. If you want to receive something a little more, I won’t say regular because it will probably be more sporadic, then sign up to my newsletter A Journal: by Diana Patient Photography.

Till next time beautiful minds.

Love Diana


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