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Pocket Full of Sunshine

I woke the other day to find sunshine pouring through my window…OK, so it was through browser window of my computer, but we don’t have sun in June in England.

What was this digital sunshine you might ask? Well it was Blunt Crayon, a fabulous blog, nominating me for a Pocket Full of Sunshine Award. On further inspection I realised this award, as well as being flatteringly, is a genius little way of sharing and connecting great up-and-coming blogs and bloggers. I don’t read enough “new” blogs and tend to get my inspiration away from the computer so this has been a perfect introduction.

So, for the award I have to write 10 facts about myself but I’m going to pass, since I’ll be partaking in an interview with my nominator and then you’ll get way more than 10 facts there. Much better deal, am I right? In addition I nominate other blogs for the Pocket Full of Sunshine Award, spreading the link-love. Oh, and I have to place the award on my blog which a) I don’t know how to do and b) I’ve been told that it looks hideous and undergoing a redesign so probably will not. Sorry sunshine. Hope the new one will be 1960s inspired and yellow. Yes.

Without further ado here are some up-and-coming blogs that I would like to nominate:

Chicquero – Intelligent posts about fashion, design and art by Brazilian duo Denis and Lailah. Their latest post? A “great illustration project about the differences between copywriters and art directors.” Love it. Oh, and I use the quotes at the bottom of each of their posts to look more intellectual all. the. time.

A Place To Lay My Heart – A newly formed blog set up by my friend who moved to Japan will stay there for a while then come back to Cambridge and undertake a PHD in Gender Studies. Listen to her words of gold.

Shan’s Photography – What other photographer on the Isle of Man? Shan Fisher has taken her island by storm and is an inspiration to photography businesses everywhere. She is currently the sole fashion photograph of leading Isle of Man magazine Gallery and is booked all year round. You can see all of her work on her blog. Plus she is sunshine personified: how can this award not go to her?

Designed By Alice – Sunshine in her needle and toes! Dancer and designer I have worked with, and talk about all the time, so I will not bore you. Here is her website:

Alex Beadon Photography – Marketing graduate who applies her degree wonderfully to her photography work. She is all about the networking digital world so perfect for this award. Want a masterclass in social media? Check her blog out.

The Bad and the Ugly – Proof that rain can be turned into sunshine. Hilarious blog from anonymous London comedy duo. Dating tales of love, embarrassment, disaster and triumph. I sit read there reading the posts crying with laughter. Got to love it.

Thank you to Blunt Crayon for introducing me to this award and I hope you enjoy my post– although let’s face it, this can and never will beat the animated GIF of Emma Stone in the shower, but hey. I could talk about my new found love of the blog’s taste and words for hours so everyone please go check it out.

Have a lovely evening everyone and I’m happy that I have sunshine on a cloudy day…

Love Diana


If you have been nominated and are looking for the rules here you go:

  1. Include the award’s logo on your blog.
  2. List 10 facts about yourself (or answer 10 questions).
  3. Nominate other bloggers for this award.
  4. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs letting them know they have been nominated.
  5. Share the love and link to the person who nominated you

All images copyright of Diana Patient 2012.


2 thoughts on “Pocket Full of Sunshine

  1. Congratulations my darling! So just to update you, I’m working with a typographer and we’re designing the award from scratch – it was originally called the Sunshine Award, but Pocketful/Pocket Full (?) of Sunshine has the added virtue of a) having its own theme tune and b) allowing us to post far more Emma-Stone-dancing-in-the-shower gifs, which can only be a good thing.

    Yellow & sixties inspired is definitely the thinking man’s choice – I’ll get on it and get back to you asap!

    P.S. The blogs you’ve nominated all look superb, am nosing through them as I speak (type) ❤

  2. Oh brilliant! You are brilliant. I and many other nominees will thank you for your courage in years to come.

    Good design is so important, as is Emma Stone our figurehead of sunshine.

    Speak very soon. I’m excited!

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