When A Photoshoot Just Works – Angels Summer Behind-the-Scenes

Some days you go out to do a shoot and the light, the people, the surroundings just dare you not to take a good picture. It’s like they’re throwing your camera a birthday.

This is what happened on the first Angel Summer shoot.

I’m lucky I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of great and magnificent people so far on my journey with photography from gypsies at Appleby Fair to my private clients, but the Angel shoots are a special mix, not better than all the other things, but different.

Shooting Among the Flowers –taken by Kristina.

Perhaps because the Angels started from friendship. You know when the energy is amazing and full of generosity and there is a real desire for everyone to do well and be great and happy. Quite rare to find…

So here are my behind-the-scenes shots, which look as amazing as the final four photographs of each girl because everything just worked. Plus there are a few photograph and mini videos taken by the Angels themselves sprinkled in shot on various phones and even on my camera! I edited their best shot and you can see it in this post!

Ideas to realisations-where it all started. When I studied novel-writing at university our teachers told us that following through all your ideas was key to getting somewhere. This is a (very) quick sketch from when the idea first popped into my head and next to it is the finished article a week on. I’m so pleased I followed this idea through and even happier at the results.

Spring Awakening

I got some lovely photographs of the Angels as they emerged from their flowery beds with blooms still in their hair. There was a slight worry, especially with the film, that the whole scene would look a little funeral like, but I quite enjoyed the idea: as I like to avoid things being too sweet. We got a few odd looks from passersby as per usual but most were so happy to see all the flowers and gorgeousness!

Here is an edited behind-the-scenes film I quickly rustled up for you all. I love the laughter and fun we had this summer day. If you watch the Angel Bloom film you can tell where all the bloopers included here have been edited out from. I absolutely loved making the Angel Bloom film. So simple and filmed on an iPhone but just images and movement and colours and tempo that I really like. It felt like creating a little world of my own.

Behind-the-scenes photographs by Lucy.

I was once told by a press photographer I didn’t dress like a photographer…maybe they meant I didn’t dress practically. I’ve always dressed impractically whether there is snow or rain. I don’t feel the cold and when I photograph I’m so fixed on the vision that I don’t really feel anything. Advantages and disadvantages for sure.

Shot of me I have edited taken by the Angels; Anastasia wielding the camera as Dasha and Kristina look on taken by Lucy. You can have a lot of fun in 2 hours…


There was a lot of temptation to play with the flowers we had collected, well by play I mean to throw them. I love the huge clump of flowers falling in front of Dasha’s face here. (No flowers were harmed in the making of these photographs).

Behind-the-scenes photograph by Lucy.

Kristina hugging many beautiful flowers! As I said the “behind-the-scenes” photographs I took on that day were almost as gorgeous as the final four images I used and so I had to share them with you all. What an absolutely lovely experience!

I’m booking up summer shoots fast now and some of them are extremely exciting and will probably be quite challenging. If you haven’t booked you summer shoot yet for friend or as a treat for yourself give me an email at and we can get excited about ideas: no commitment, I just like to talk…

A summer SPRING to your step,

Love Diana,


All images copyright of Diana Patient 2012.


3 thoughts on “When A Photoshoot Just Works – Angels Summer Behind-the-Scenes

  1. Love all the photos so much!!! The way you edited them is so gorgeous and tasteful! (Usually when flowers are present photographers tend to overdo it…too much colour, contrast and brightness) Yours is very beautiful!!!

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