A Journal by Diana Patient Photography

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Dear Subscribers and Passers-by,

My newsletter has undergone a re-brand. I have decided to call it A Journal by Diana Patient Photography. This is partly because I write my newsletter so sporadically, and a journal for me is about writing down the moments that matter most and letting that lead your entries rather than a weekly update–something I know I won’t do. Anti-spam? Anti-organisation? You decide.

What can I say? My letters are rare…like diamonds or decent straight men.

It feels a little more personal than my other avenues of communication and, if Twitter, Facebook and the like are not really for you, you can get a carefully crafted little gem in your in-box every now and again.

So click here (and here and here. Whoops! OK maybe not the last one.) if you would like to subscribe to my journal. The first one comes out in an hour! It should be a fun ride…

Love Diana


All images copyright of Diana Patient 2012 and sorry to all my subscribers who received a scrambled piece of code last post before: hitting publish instead of preview is always a mistake.


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