ASCOLI – A quick coffee and collaboration in Milan

SHOOT: Self Portrait
WHO?: Ascoli, Italian bag makers. www.renatoascoli.com

When I knew I was going to Milan I was excited for lots of reasons: a Diana Calendar 2013 shoot with Domitilla, seeing Milan in general, Salone design fair (I will blog about that. Any design lovers reading?) and meeting up with Sofia Ascoli.

Sofia is really quite amazing. Ascoli was sold by her family in the 1990s after more than 80 years of business but didn’t do well under its new owners and was forced to close in the Japanese Depression. But Ascoli did not end there. Renato Ascoli’s great grandaughter, Sofia, restarted the brand and like a the phoenix from the ashes Ascoli is producing leather goods again. Not just any leather goods, mind, ‘high quality, modern bags and classic pieces.’ And the beautiful thing? The bags are still made by the same artisans her family worked with, in the same factory, in the same town. Sofia even has old models from Ascoli’s hay-day (click here to drool over) which Ascoli is using to influence further collections.

When Ascoli wanted to work with me I didn’t really need much convincing: the story, the integrity and the bags themselves were enough to get me thoroughly interested in their world. I was honoured.

So once in Milan Sofia and I met up, grabbed some amazing Italian pastry and coffee of course and made our way to Arco della Pace where I did a self-portrait shoot with Ascoli bags (haven’t seen my other self-portrait work? Check some out here)

I was privileged to wear the Ascoli Daisy in blue and white.

These bags are beautifully made I can still feel and smell the leather, and, for a girl who used to describe her style as ‘tramp chic’ growing up, I felt pretty damn put together.

The shoot went well. I wanted it to look like a girl wearing Ascoli had been pulled off the street looking great with her beautiful white Siberian husky (her name is Késaras) and then a girl just wandering about Milan with her Daisy blue bag, which goes so well with jeans (Ascoli tip).

A quick collaboration and I’m very much looking forward to spending more time working with Ascoli.

So hope you enjoy and check the bottom of the page for links, as I suspect you might fall for one of these bags…

All the ASCOLI links you need…
ASCOLI website
ASCOLI on Facebook
Ascoli on Etsy

A big thank you to Antonio Pisano, Aris Drosos and of course Késaras. All images copyright of Diana Patient 2012.


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