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The Ballerina In Lace

A while ago I shot an audition portfolio and a few stock photographs of skirts for the lovely ballerina and designer, Alice. It was great to get back in a studio for a session and, however much she protests, Alice is such a sublime dancer in front of the camera as well as on stage. Brava!

In amongst this I was “allowed my arty bit”, as Alice fondly calls it, and got some shots of Alice draped in (very French, we thought) white and black lace that was waiting to be made into some of Alice’s beautiful skirts.

The movement of form and fabric here is bewitching…


…and Alice looks so empowered.


The two laces seem to take on different personalities. Vaguely speaking I thought white lace full of hope very French and black lace passionate and very Spanish.



Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check out Alice’s skirts at and her Facebook page for all Designed by Alice updates!

All images copyright of Diana Patient 2012.


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