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ASCOLI – Collaboration Teaser

Most people meet and discuss, Sofia Ascoli and I met and did a photoshoot. Start as you mean to go on.

It was another self-portrait collaboration with a designer and this time I got to create images with the beautiful Renato Ascoli bags.

Pictured here is the Daisy in white, favoured by Margherita Ascoli. I thought it was beautiful that her name, in Italian, actually means daisy.

I wanted to do something simple and well-styled with a street photography twist. As though the girl had just been pulled off the streets of Milan by Scott Schuman wearing one of the Ascoli bags.

It was brief and brilliant with our guest star, the beautiful Siberian husky who behaved wonderfully. Many thanks to her owner who had just moved to Milan to work for Dolce and Gabbana and took time out from his dog walking around Arco della Pace to help us out.

In short, the perfect opening number to future collaborations between Diana Patient: Photography and Renato Ascoli that are hopefully to come.

Hope you enjoy the picture and look out for the full ASCOLI story and more Milan photographic teasers; this time for the Diana Calendar: 2013 with the beautiful Domitilla on top of the Duomo…

Renato Ascoli website
ASCOLI Facebook Page

All images copyright of Diana Patient 2012.


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