Being Busy

So suddenly I’m really busy. It’s great I finally feel that all the hard work of the last year has paid off: I have amazing clients, amazing projects and it feels great, but wow I did not foresee how hard it was going to be.Image

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not complaining, I’m having the time of my life! Something new to shoot almost everyday, being in awe of the fantastically creative people all around me and just feeling a little bit of relief that I’ve proved to myself that I can do it. Obviously it is still the beginning and I still have a lot to learn. I almost didn’t want to write this post in case I jinxed it all, but I want to celebrate the here and now and also show you a little of what I have been doing.


One of the biggest shoots I have done recently was the self-portraiture I did in Paris for Angharad Probert a very talented designer introduced to me this year. I’m going to be very honest: it was a really tough shoot. After photographing my last self-portrait piece prancing around in safe little Tuscan villages at 30˚C it came as quite a shock to be standing half-naked with my camera about two meters away in a city with one of the highest crime rates in Europe.

I had walked around the city a couple of days before imagining the shot composition and finding places that matched the story of the photoshoot so I felt prepared.

I arrived at Esplanade du Trocadero in the dark of the early morning determined to beat the crowds the first set of shots went well, particularly happy to find a man carrying loads of French bread in the shot.


I then put on a new outfit that covered considerably less and tried to do the next shot. I gritted my teeth and held the pose I had been thinking of but when I got back to my camera the shot looked terrible. It would all have been fine, I could thought of another angle shot quite quickly and take my time setting it all up if I hadn’t been so cold (think my brain froze) and I never normally get cold.

Looking at the shots now there are some ones I think cut the mustard even though the whole day felt like it was entirely made up of darting in and out of cafés trying not to catch pneumonia and feeling that heavy weight of failure trying to catch up with me. I was thoroughly fed up when I got back to the flat and must have slept for three hours while my body recovered from the cold shock, but it all worked out fine and I’m excited to share the rest of the photographs with you in an exciting way. Watch this space.


I spent some time in a beautiful 1920s building in Reggio, Italy courtesy of Marcel Mauer architects.  This building was magical: the side entrance door was built like a wardrobe. I felt like I was in Narnia I even found myself leaving it a little ajar as ‘it is very silly to trap oneself in a wardrobe’. A grand and beautiful staircase was the main feature, one you’d imagine debutantes travelling to a ballroom down and a large central meeting room with balconies that overlooked a little square, town announcement anyone?


I realised I really enjoy photographing buildings. You can wander there and really indulge, they don’t move but they silently talk to you. Firmly but calmly making the decision to capture a little world each time.

You might remember me telling you all that I was off to Devon for a shoot? I was particularly excited because it was my first time directing so many people all at once. The shoot was for Wriothesley a wonderful company that is launching this year and sources British-born interior and home products: from an English picnic range this season (I want one of the huge picnic hampers!) to ottomans and hand embroidered napkins. Authentic English Opulence.


I was given free creative reign on this shoot which I am most grateful for and decided that the product shoot should include people. I am primarily a portrait and fashion photographer and as well as playing to my strengths I thought it would be more engaging for the audience to be told a story.


The weekend was great fun the performers all intelligent and brilliant people. Thank you for all driving hours to Devon! I also brought an amazing film maker with me, Ben Golding. Best decision I’ve ever made. He has a great eye and it was so nice to have his input. We are both hard at work preparing our pieces for a screening event in London but he has uploaded a small taster from the day which I will let you all delight in here:


Last but not least I worked with UEL at a fashion show at the Ministry of Sound and very excited about BFashion Show tomorrow night showcasing emerging talent in the fashion industry. Should be a really fun event.


Have a special shoot planned with a beautiful couple this week, a few family portraits, photographing for the Diana Calendar 2013, another shoot with Nina Schofield as you’ve never seen her before and lots more which I will post later as this is becoming more of a to-do list than an update!

Now just to organise everything. Can I do it?




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