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VALENTINE’S SECRET – Ideas for secret admirers to-be…

An idea for a Valentine’s Day gift…

To me Valentine’s day is all about secrets. We all can become a secret Valentine and shroud ourselves in the romantic notion of anonymity for a day. We confess our love and the secret and guesswork resulting adds to the excitement…

From being a school girl faking my own Valentine’s cards to sending them to those who took my fancy in the way of Pokemon cards; from friends getting Valentine’s day treats from a ‘secret admirer’ *cough* relative *cough*, to my adult life where there were surprise trips and of course secret heartaches. 14th February is my chance to indulge in the ritual of secrets.

So, the full frontal approach projected over the high streets, and Internet, this time of year by retailers isn’t quite in keeping with my experience or thoughts. I was thinking, as I walked along Oxford Street last February, that there are so many colours and style of underwear thrust in shop windows and clichés bandied about in every magazine for people to grab in a hurry that most expect what will lie in wait for them valentine’s evening–it’s not a surprise or anything personal. Of course the anticipation is important but it shouldn’t be guaranteed. There are no coy notes in lockers on lined paper anymore and no secret objects placed in other’s bags. I feel when you stop following your own intuition and interpretation you lose the chance to discover something and richly appreciate an experience.

So, I had a bed-brainstorming session in Paris (blame it on one of the most inspiring cities in the world) and thought of some really interesting ideas of how photography could contribute to the secret of and thrill of Valentine’s day.

My Valentine

A chance for you to create some alluring photographs to reveal to anyone you want. Maybe it’s to your lover anonymously or if you’re brave to that stranger on the train who you have been smiling at…

The Shoot

Will be discussed in private and won’t be aired online as some of my shoots are so it can be as sweet or as provocative or as anonymous as you like. This is your secret.

What will the actual gift be?

Everyone who creates these secret photographs will receive prints of the photographs on robust paper to be slipped into books, pinned on walls and the undersides of desks. Then there are the 2 options that were thought up in Paris:

I. A Wallet Sized Pin up card – tucked away in folds of leather ready to be taken out of pockets in quiet moments. A nod to the match stick ladies and vintage novelty cards what card will you choose? Classic Queen of hearts or double-sided, a message or a simple colour. It’ll be your secret.

II. A Little Glossy Book
– A collection of the photographs of you presented on Vogue style pages. The only difference? This will be just be published once. A story of seduction to be hidden under the bed. Like an ultra classy version of Playboy but this time the content is decided by you and it’s secret.

Oh Yes and one more! Anything you want. Bespoke requests are very welcome. It’s all about being individual after all…

Contact for pricing and booking.


So I hope you like the ideas! I got very excited about them myself and imagined people slipping sexy little pictures in bags beside benches, strangers’ pockets on the tube and in letterboxes across town.

Create a little gift to leave your Valentine…

Love Diana

All images copyright of Diana Patient.
P.S. A big thank you to Kristina for directing my thoughts towards this idea. Aren’t my angels wonderful?


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