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So I had a wonderful suggestion from one of my Angels, Lucy Van Dorp.

A Diana Patient Photography calendar.

These girls really are angels!

I could have done a 2012 calendar for this year but I decided that I wanted to wait. I decided that I wanted to take the photographs this year and make sure that I could create something with flow and that was truly outstanding.

I got to work thinking about the feel of the calendar. I want to take all the glamour and intrigue from the famous Pirelli calendars and mix it with a dash of narrative and experimental feeling.

So, why am I telling you now?

Well, I would like to suggest that you guys featured in the Diana Calendar 2013.

All the work I do with clients, whether they are professional models or just people charged with power to follow their aesthetic dreams, I make it as, I guess we’ll call it, “calendar worthy” as anything out there. So why not include it and consequently YOU.

There will be a specific theme running through the calendar from so I thought to make a new add-on to the Diana Patient Photography packages: Participant in Diana Calendar 2013. This means if you choose to have your shoot featured in the Diana Calendar 2013 you will receive a 10% discount on your shoot. This is because the concept will be governed very slightly by the general calendar theme. It might be a section dedicated to the calendar or a theme for the whole shoot, it all depends on the customer. The perk is that you will be featured in the Diana Calendar 2013 calendar which will hopefully be treasured and pinned up for a year on a variety of walls. Yay.

So very excited to get this idea started! Any takers for January?

Oh, yes and the theme is: One Love It is all about human connection and experiences, about the world and travelling to different places. I’m thinking lots of very very different experiences being depicted; from libraries and learned men, to kisses, to tropical adventures, to Paris and culture, to friendship, to ritual, to small moments. (Don’t worry I’ll keep the fantastical in there as well and for all of you who wanted to run at the word Pirelli, it won’t all be about naked girls. More about the lively essence of Pirelli and of course a little sexiness.)

Quite a tough theme when most of my work is about concept and certain people, but I think it is going to be a great challenge.

Thank you Lucy, and here is to a magical 2012 preparing for the Diana Calendar 2013.

From a recent shoot I have yet to blog. Taking photographs faster than I can blog them, yikes!

11 thoughts on “DIANA CALENDAR 2013

  1. Oh Diana, you know me, I’ve been whinging and moaning for months now that I haven’t arranged something with you – and now this! I can’t resist.
    Could you email me and let me know your prices, availiability etc etc, and I will look again to see if my vanity can stretch to it πŸ˜› Help me to get this out of my system!

    Otherwise, excellent idea, good good luck with it!

    • Haha! Oh Kim, glad you like the idea! Would love for you to be in the calendar. Looks like the months are being filled up fast! Maybe I should do a double year calendar!

      I will email you very soon.


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  3. just stunning idea …..I love your inspiration…and your passion to challenge… Go for it πŸ˜‰ x

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