Who Can We Be? My Favourite Answers ILLUSTRATED

So just in time for Christmas, I have illustrated the three answers from the beautiful answers I received the form on my blog post What I do, What You Can Have.

I laughed, felt deeply moved and, most importantly, inspired by every one’s dreams. A great way to start the Christmas period and the imminent beginning of a new year.

So needless to say it was tough choosing just three to illustrate. If I had more time I would have illustrated them all. I have included a large range of them (all anonymous of course, as promised) in and around the winning illustrations for you to peruse and enjoy!

The three answers I picked were all chosen for completely different reasons…read on and find out…



Who Can You Be?: A teapot. A sheep (covered in knitting), one of the cast of Downton Abbey.

I couldn’t stop laughing when I received this and slowly this image formed in my mind. I was even in hysterics drawing it looking at pictures of sheep for inspiration. Just me, or does anyone else find this hilarious?

Who Can You Be?: Childhood dream to be able to breathe under water so I’d definitely choose to be a mermaid!
Who Can You Be?: Be my unconscious self; be the inner child I never had a chance to be in my childhood; be loved


Who Can You Be?: Corny, but for me it would have to be a shoot in some sort of period adventure/romance style. Beautiful dresses, woodland settings and New Forest ponies, oh yes!

This answer is close to my heart as I grew up in the New Forest area and the idea of the narrative element…let’s just say it ticked all of my boxes and brought back warm memories from the countryside.

Who Can You Be?: A little girl trapped in a woman’s body, faced with a boxful of keys and only one door.
Who Can You Be?: I admire those women in the Nike adverts, the strong athletes that work so hard on themselves to achieve something. and I just watched a Victorias secret show (you need to check it out Diana, it’s amazing!!!) and I would like to be a VS angel for a day. I was thinking that being a sea anemone could be quite cool and I think I would also make a great panda bear.
Who Can You Be?: Recreating the scene from Priscilla Queen of the Desert when they stand on the summit of Kings Rock in full drag!


Who Can You Be?: I would want to be honest. I never let people know  or see my insecurities or fears, or the occasional dark moods that can happen to me. Sometimes because I don’t want to worry people, but ironically also because despite being a pessimist I’m always a little bit hopeful. Seems to be better articulated by the song ‘I See a Darkness’.

I was touched by this answer and although it talks of darkness I saw the hope and the promise of freedom of expression. This is why I incorporated the eagle and the mountains, because that soaring towards hope is very close. Also I thought it would be an IMMENSE backdrop for a photoshoot: mountains, eagles and honesty. One day, one day…


So a big THANK YOU to everyone who took part in this I have really been inspired by your answers and it has reinforced inside me the reason why I love art in all its forms: the dreams and the expression and in this case the theatre!

Have a wonderful Christmas and don’t forget to check out my Little Red Envelope photoshoot-gifts if you’re still stuck for a present or email for a Christmas brochure. (SHAMELESS self-promotion, I know)

Love Diana


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