Explaining the ❄ LITTLE RED ENVELOPES ❄, photoshoot fun with the Diana Patient: Photography Angels and how you can get a 10% on your Christmas gift photoshoot all below!

I love the lead up to Christmas: mulled wine, ice-skating, Christmas lights and Christmas markets, carols being sung on the street and lots of lovely times to remember with friends and family!

So with any excuse to celebrate or talk about Christmas ❄Little Red Envelopes❄ were bound to happen.

So what exactly are ❄Little Red Envelopes❄? Well they work like a gift voucher. You buy the type of photoshoot that you want, tell me a few things about the lucky recipient and then I create a customised ❄Little Red Envelope❄ just for you ready to be put under the tree with all the other gifts!

Maybe I’m biased but I think photographs make a great gift. It is something that lasts forever and is a little bit different. As Anastasia, one of Angels in the ❄Little Red Envelope❄ photoshoot, said:

“It is so much better than socks!”

Definitely very different to getting socks at Christmas! On that note I hope you enjoy the Christmas photoshoot with the ❄Little Red Envelopes❄ this year! We shot it at Somerset House ice-rink in London. It was beautiful with all the Christmas decorations done by Tiffany (anyone else loving their website at the moment?) and a little cafe that actually gave away Tiffany designed coffee cups! So magical.

Thank you to my beautiful Diana Patient: Photography Angels: Dasha, Kristina, Lucy and Anastasia. They are brilliant.

So what are you waiting for? Oh, and also (as it is Christmas) I am giving 10% discount to all those who buy within the next 3 days! Any questions email on! I have a 50% student discount and a Christmas brochure for you to browse!

Lots of love and hope you are all having a magical lead up to Christmas!


All photographs copyright of Diana Patient.

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