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Good morning! I have been very busy over the last few days and have had a lot of exciting news! Very happy photographer. This morning I wanted to do a quick post of all the funny outtakes from my lovely self-portrait shoot for fashion designer Phoebe S Wang in Italy.

There were many, many, many, many photographs that didn’t make the Phoebe S Wang lookbook (click here if you haven’t seen the finished article yet). Here is a selection of the funny ones that are bound to crop up when you’re doing a self-portrait shoot!

Hope you enjoy and look out for a few of my more serious and favourite outtakes soon.

A car with a little dog in tow…

What can you do?

Totally getting the vibe of this dress…

Wind + changing on a public street = not great results (apart from this)

My bum made it to the final website —>

Just before I became the Foosball table beast and began to snarl at breakfasting Italians in an attempt to guard it. One too many flashes to the head…

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3 thoughts on “SELF-PORTRAIT PROJECT FOR DESIGNER – Funny Outtakes

  1. I am photographing for a designer in 2 weeks, thanks for the inspiration!
    Of course it’s snowy and cold here so our locations are not so exotic.
    You are a lovely model and talented photographer and the clothing is beautiful.

  2. Ooh wow! What kind of clothes are you photographing? Yeah, the designer is a bit of a genius. And thank you for the lovely compliments! You are too kind. Look forward to seeing your work. Send me the link when it is done!

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