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I, Diana Patient, am thrilled to present this lookbook where I played both the role of model and photographer. On the day of the shoot I showcased 5 of Wang’s dress designs all based on the timeless symbol of the rose. The photographs were taken in Tuscany, Italy.

Here is my story…

See interactive version here.

Look out for an interview with the designer herself tomorrow and features running the entire week…

All images copyright of Diana Patient.

10 thoughts on “SELF-PORTRAIT PROJECT FOR DESIGNER – Lookbook ‘La Rosa’

  1. Diana! I keep meaning to get in touch with you. I saw these photos and fell in love! I know how hard self portraits can be, and these are truly fantastic! Not only are you such an incredibly talented model, but such an incredibly talented photographer. I love the way you see the world and hope you always continue to take photos. I was hoping to spend this week in London but unfortunately plans changed, I was going to get in touch and hopefully plan for us to meet but looks like it will have to be another time. Big hugs and all the best!!

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  3. Diana! That was awesome. Seriously inspiring for me to work on my self-portraits. Love, love, love! Will definitely be coming back to your blog to see more of your work!

    • Aah, thank you Ajira! I just checked your space out as well. Beautiful name. A journey is what we have all definitely embarked on, I think it is going to be a good one. Good luck with the self-portrait work – be sure to show me when it is finished!

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