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The Movement of Statues – A Dance Portfolio

What if statues came alive and danced about but as soon as your eyes fell on them they froze in their last movement?

I had the pleasure of exploring this concept with Joy, contemporary and ballet dancer from Rambert as part of completing her dance portfolio to send to auditions.

When I first visited the location to check whether it would be suitable (oh WOW was it suitable) the magnificent Pergola just commanded the need for any human form that deigned to be placed alongside it to conform with the overwhelming power and symmetrical majesty. There were concaved arcs ready for presenting of frozen movement and hidden heights that spied down on gardens where dancing statues might come to life unseen.

The type of sculptures that fitted here in this intertwining of the man-made and botanical would be ones that celebrated the beauty of the human body. And dance frozen in the lens of a camera could almost be seen as breathing still in the living. One moment immortalised in what was naturally a sequence; in fact isn’t that what photography is? Albeit a dancers’ sequence is more aware that our everyday movements.

So statues it was and the very nature of dance photography nicely complemented and challenged the theme.

There was also a softer look to the shoot which I will blog at some point. Some of you may have seen a few previews on Facebook. However, although the look was softer there still seems to be something of the wrathful goddess in Joy. One of my favourite shots from these is her poised arms above her head. I remember shouting “Imagine that you are a goddess and someone has angered you so much that you are throwing lightening bolts at them!” She did it perfectly.

Joy was an enchanting dancer: fiercely beautiful. And this shoot will be one of my favourites for a long time. I’m sure of it.

Look our for Part 2, but for now statues will dance…

I hope you are all have a wonderful week.

Love Diana

Joy chose Dance Portfolio – Option 1 from the Performers’ Brochure. For information on dance portfolios and all other photoshoots please contact


4 thoughts on “The Movement of Statues – A Dance Portfolio

  1. Thank you Kim! I like the photography here more than the dancers if that makes sense and totally sympathise with the whole police/security naked thing…haha. Happens more than you would think 😀

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