WHO CAN WE BE? A big question for everyone. A big question when you come to have a photoshoot with me. A question you have been answering over the last few days and I would love to illustrate!

Last blog post I asked the question ‘Who Would You Be?’ and there was a place to submit your answers in the actual post. If you haven’t done it already click here scroll to the bottom of the post, write one down and hit the submit button!

I have been laughing, receiving inspiration and feeling deeply moved by all your wonderful answers to this question. Thank you to every one who has shared their dreams and thoughts so far.

In fact they are so lovely, I am going to be illustrating my favourite 3 answers! As those of you who know me well I do love to draw as well and often produce sketches before a shoot to let the client know what I’m envisioning (I think I added some to my post about the Dancers in the Rain shoot!) And I will send the 3 dreamers the sketches I have done for their dreams.

It’s not too late to write one down! Go to What I Do, What You Can Have, have a read of the words or a look at the pictures to get a feel and then scroll to the bottom to fill in the form and answer the question. Alternatively send your answers to diana.patient@gmail.com.

I will look at all your wonderful answers when I get back from Italy on the 14th November and get drawing!

Can’t wait and please pass it on. Post this link: http://wp.me/p1jav6-eL everywhere and get people to sit down, think, and say “Yes, I can really be…”

Love Diana


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