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What I Do, What You Can Have

Dear Readers,

I have decided to write a post about my work as a freelance photographer. This is because, sometimes, when searching through all the wonderful photographic work on Facebook pages and photography blogs it’s hard to tell whether the photographer is just offering beautiful images to be looked at, or is offering beautiful images to be looked at and a chance for you to be in a set of beautiful images yourself.

I am the latter. I love to share my personal projects (look out for one on androgyny coming soon!) but I also work as a freelance photographer offering everything from dancers portfolios, to editorial lookbooks for fashion designers, to bands wanting documentation of their latest gig at Bestival. This is how I make my living.

I have had people contacting me, worried that I would not want to work with them because they wouldn’t fit my style, or have later confided in me that if we hadn’t talked about the possibility of a photoshoot face-to-face they would naturally have thought that they or their ideas wouldn’t be interesting enough to dare asking. But you see nothing is further from the truth. I take variety (the different genres, the different personalities etc.) and from those varying jobs, I produce images that, although are thoughtfully tailor-made to the client, are still infused with a heavy dose of Diana Patient’s ultimate goal vision: constant hard work to achieve devastating beauty.

So I felt a blog post was needed for a bit of clarification. Hope you enjoy reading about the three core elements that come infused into my photoshoot experience whether you want me to shoot products for your company or you are a climber wanting me to hike and take fantastical shots from the top of a mountain. There is also a form at the end of the post where you can answer the question: Who Can You Be? All will become clear as you read on.

What to expect on a Diana Patient photoshoot?
Brochures, special requests; dancers to pet elephants; ladies and gentlemen, here are three things to expect…


“It’s not just about her skills, it’s about her vision – she has a crystal clear viewpoint and panoramic imagination…she creates a story, rather than just a photo.”

Working out the concept. This is what I am good at. The thought comes first and everything else later. I studied English Literature at university and I have a strong background in Fine Art and I think it’s important to imagine with intelligence backing up beauty.

Sometimes the client has a vague idea of what they want. Maybe it’s a theme such as Little Red Riding Hood or that the photographs are needed for a specific use: to grace a band’s album cover or to send off for auditioning if you are a dancer. Perhaps its a certain look say a product company or a fashion designer who has seen the photographs on one of their competitors websites and wants the same ambiance. Or someone who wants portraits in the style of Rembrandt.
Whatever it is I will put together a few ideas surrounding this theme and translating it to the medium of photograph. The sky’s the limit and I work hard to source the correct location, styling equipment.

Complete Perfection

“Everything is taken care of by Diana, the arbiter of taste. That girl has great style.”

Everything from makeup to styling is taken care of and agonizingly matched to your shoot so that the best thing you can imagine is created.

A Great Day

“She really knew how to make me feel comfortable, even when posing in the middle of a street full of strangers.”

However famous, new to being photographed or confident my client is, I will always make the day absolutely marvelous.

I believe that you can find some of the most beautiful photographs through creating an experience. From interacting with the stall holders in a busy market to the liberating feeling of jumping into a river to finding the right location that will create the right ambience on the day. The connection between the concept decided at the beginning of the photoshoot journey and yourself is complete: yes you really did stand on the stage of the opera house in evening wear and sing today. We will create your world. What do you want to do? Who do you want to be?

So these are the three principles that I take and apply them to every piece of work I do. I have to create a concept tailored to the individual, I have to make it happen by gathering together locations, clothes and cast and I give you a day where dream becomes reality. So throw anything at me.

What would you be for the day?

Here is a fun question to answer. Let your imagination go wild. What defines you? What would you do? Who can you be?

So that is a little taste of what I do and you are all cordially invited to join in

All images copyright of Diana Patient. With thanks to Viktor for the behind-the-scenes Trafalgar square images.


3 thoughts on “What I Do, What You Can Have

  1. Dear Diana,

    I like your work, especially the dancers’ series. There is a great mix of style without the usual coolness of fashion photographers. You go deeper, your lens is searching for the soul, and reaches it. There is something romantic about your pictures and almost demodè, if you forgive me this term, because you are not following the usual rules of styling but invent a world of your own, where the past is somehow present and vibrant. I hope one day to have the opportunity and pleasure to work with you on a project.

    My very best regards,


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