A New Hair Cut and Change

So this isn’t really about photography. It’s about my new haircut.

OK, so there are a couple of photographs here.

A friend and I had the great idea of using my rather expensive camera after a wine-filled late night meal. And, yes, there were more photographs to follow (definitely not fit for social media, even just here on this blog) so it could have been classed as a photoshoot.

Yet I’m not really blogging about photographic specifics this time.

This is just a little personal note to mark:

Big change for me. But change is good and it fits in with the new success that I have been getting recently. Feel very happy.

(So fit, ha!)

So little pictures for all my subscribers…thank you for everything!

Love Diana



4 thoughts on “A New Hair Cut and Change

  1. LOVING the above photo!!! :):) silly grin, also hair looks goooo-ood! Hope its growing on you! 😀 (no pun intended!):) xxxxxx

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