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Stephanie Zinati – DISPOSABLE CAMERA

So this is the last part of the Stephanie Zinati series (unless I get enough requests for a ‘How To’ makeup and hair post. I’m so bad!) And what a last part it is.

I went to pick up the developed disposable camera shots yesterday and was blown away. It just shows that creative vision is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING and quality of camera is just a tool to get there.

So all those who have booked me, or are hoping to book me, this is becoming a staple in my shoots from now on. Expect cheap Kodak magic alongside your digital images ; )

So the pictures run through the looks with a few behind-the-scenes shots and then there are just a few of Anastasia and I messing around with the camera trying to use up the shots. We are so cool.

Feast your eyes on these ridiculously great bonus photographs!

Hope you’ve enjoyed all the fashion posts documenting my day shooting a lookbook for Stephanie Zinati and look out for the next adventure at Diana Patient: Photography…

Designers, inventors, travelling circuses and the general public email on me at to book your shoot.

4 thoughts on “Stephanie Zinati – DISPOSABLE CAMERA

  1. Wow, the photos from the disposable camera look amazing (I’m surprise). It has a vintage feel to it — It’s been years since I’ve used one, but after seeing this post, I think I might pick up one just for the heck of it. I’m loving your photography ~

  2. Wow, great photos! Quite surprised that they were taken by a disposable camera. Could you tell me what camera you used (ISO, and film type)? Thanks

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