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Stephanie Zinati – Look 2 OUT OF MOTHER’S CLOSET

Presenting the second look of the day from my shoot with the talented fashion designer Stephanie Zinati (if you missed Look 1 VISION IN A ROOM check it out here).

Presenting the second look of the day from my shoot with the talented fashion designer Stephanie Zinati (if you missed Look 1 VISION IN A ROOM check it out here).

Look 1 was all about understatement and there is a similar vibe in Look 2 but the photographs have much more contrast and I definitely used my flash gun.

When me and Stephanie were first discussing ideas for our collaboration, the idea of two kids playing dress up in their mother’s closet really appealed. It was one of the first ideas we had.

Stephanie’s clothes were originally designed for women but I thought that having a male as well as a female model would add to the plausibility that the clothes were all taken from their mother’s wardrobe with childish disregard for which gender the clothes were meant for.

Anastasia was given a striking, and quite tough looking, military jacket from the Zinati collection whereas Niall wore subdued powder blue suit with beautiful little details such as the ‘V’ cut in the top of the trousers.
Playing with stronger lines on our female model, Anastasia and softer lines on our male model Niall gave their looks an almost pre-pubescent feel in-keeping with their act as children a time the signs of gender aren’t so visible yet.

The result was a really playful and androgynous set of images. (They were even featured on the wonderful blog Genderfork).

I gave Anastasia darker and harsher eyebrows to take away some of her applied femininity and similarly with Niall applied childishly smeared makeup to add femininity.

We had them running into the room where we were shooting clutching bags and fur. When they came in front of my lens I would shoot them with my high power flash gun to get that slightly startled “we’ve been caught playing where we should be” expression. Playing around with heights was fun as well.

A lot of credit goes to the models for their wonderful skills in front of the camera.
Anastasia constantly coming up with playful, cheeky yet innocent poses: perfect for revealing her 6-year-old self, with an adult twist, to the camera.
Niall on the other hand is probably one of the most unaffected people I have photographed. Not an atom of vanity or posing. Every move was such photography gold I almost felt bad being so greedy and taking it!

I did a few solo shots. Again another amazing back shot from Niall (what was it with this shoot an compelling back shots?) and a few portraits of Anastasia that really showed off the wonderful military jacket from Stephanie’s collection.

Here are the photographs for you to browse through. I’m trying out this gallery option in my posts at the moment and hoping that the pictures are easy to access! I think it looks tidier.

ANYway enjoy the very special images of my two lovely models and the work of talented Stephanie Zinati…

Look 2 Gallery

Photographer: Diana Patient
Designer: Stephanie Zinati
Models: Anastasia Khrypach and Niall Cruickshank

Be on the watch for Look 3 – WHITE DRESS of the Stephanie Zinati collection tomorrow! Same time, same place in cyber space ; )

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