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Stephanie Zinati – Look 1 VISION IN A ROOM

I’m pining now all the fashion weeks in different cities have ended. I miss creatively and intellectually pondering (drooling over) all of the S/S 2012 collections (did anyone see Emilio Pucci? Gypsy heaven!)

So I have decided to blog about my shoot with fashion designer Stephanie Zinati to give me (and whoever else needs it – Zinati is amazing!) a little fashion boost.

It’s going to have to come in four stages: Look 1, Look 2, Look 3 and then a little look into the inspiration and the designer herself. So I will post one a day…that is basically a mini fashion week, really. A well dedicated to the talented Zinati.

So here is Look 1 – ‘VISION IN A ROOM’. This shoot featured the beautiful model Anastasia in a beautifully structured upper body piece. Later Niall, our male model, joins Anastasia wearing some of Stephanie’s wonderful white and billowing bottoms.

About the Shoot

I wanted the backdrop to be very understated. With the huge skirt (bottom of a wedding dress) Anastasia was wearing and in such light, striking, and seemingly, ritualistic colours something very ordinary was needed. Not to balance it out but more to make the photograph seem more real and therefore make Anastasia seem even more extraordinary: an ethereal vision in the everyman’s living room.
Even the style of the photography I have kept simplistic doing little to no editing and keeping the original colours and tones of the image. I also used a disposable camera to further the experiment of keeping this ‘real’ quality. As though an ordinary person had walked into their living room, had seen this heavenly creature and picked up their Kodak from Boots and started snapping.

The photographs have some out quite eerie. Someone commented that they had never found the back of someone’s head quite so compelling. I’m pleased it’s a new concept for me and keen to carry on exploring.

Enjoy the photographs and be sure to leave the talented designer some love!

Photographer: Diana Patient
Designer: Stephanie Zinati
Models: Anastasia Khrypach and Niall Cruickshank

Keep your eyes peeled for Look 2 – ‘OUT OF MOTHER’S CLOSET’ of the Stephanie Zinati collection tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Stephanie Zinati – Look 1 VISION IN A ROOM

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