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Dance for Me at Dawn.

Oh to dance at dawn around the grey stone of churches with the light slowly seeping into the scene as the sun rises.

That is exactly what Germaine (a dancer at Rambert) was able to do after contacting me asking for photographs for her dance portfolio. She chose Dance Portfolio Option 1 from the Performers brochure and then I set to work on creative ideas that would produce solid dance portfolio shots with an intelligent artistic finish…

There is something different about this shoot. I was talking with a friend about the photographs. She pointed out that they seemed more ‘private’ more ‘mysterious’ than my other work with dancers. I was looking back and she is right. I do work a lot in public spaces and I like it when there are a lot of people about for my client to interact with.

First there was a shoot in the rush-hour crowds along Southbank, and then the dancers in the rain shoot (there were two dancers and the idea was based upon 1920s street photography–all about the public) and again an alleycat style shoot jumping on taxis in crowded East London…I could go on.

But this time at sunrise, inbetween the old stone pillars of the church there was silence and calm with only an old church warden sat in his seat at the gate. I almost like to think that he took the pictures and I was not there at all…

What a wonderful story that would be.

A girl wrapped in a white shroud came to dance for the old church warden at sunrise.

The first time she came he didn’t have a camera and could only watch in disbelief as she danced on the steps of the church.

The second time he did not believe she would come–’it must have been an illusion’ he had said to himself–but there she was dancing in her white cocoon a second time.

The third time she visited he had his camera and this sunrise she danced more beautifully than the first and the second visits and the old warden took many photographs and spent the afternoon developing them eager for the morning and new set of pictures…
But she never came again.

That is the story for me anyway.

I will let you enjoy Germaine’s beautiful lines and otherworldly dancing now. She can dance for you at sunrise.


To book a shoot with me please email me or request either one of my Portrait, Performer or Event Brochures at I promise you a work of art.

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