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An update on happenings here in Diana artistic venture land.

SELF-PORTRAIT Doing Everything At Once

OK so I’m going away on a working holiday to Italy on the 24th August so I might not be around to take your emails and lovely requests as regularly. But taking commissions and collaborations for shoots in September though so please email me at!

I’ve just finished an amazing shoot with the talented designer Stephanie Zinati. The clothes were beautiful. I really want to order the white dress shown below right. Shoot went very smoothly and everyone was extremely professional–how grown-up we all are!

Photography Diana Patient. Designer Stephanie Zinati.

Had great fun shooting in a new style. For one look I haven’t edited the photographs at all and it really works. Really draw you in the this slightly out-of-place creation in a very ordinary living room.

Who thought the back of someones’ head could be so great? Photography Diana Patient. Designer Stephanie Zinati.

Big thank you to the lovely models Anastasia and Niall who were unbelievable! Every time I work with them they surprise me with their talent.

Have been working with designers a lot all of a sudden and really enjoying it.

I will be doing another designer collaboration in Italy. It’s going to be a very special project: a self-portrait fashion shoot. The designer saw the two self-portrait shoots I had posted and asked if I would do one incorporating her clothes. Very flattered. I think it is such an interesting concept plus I get STUNNING evening dresses and cute rose day dresses made and sent to me. Feel like an incredibly lucky girl. Busy sketching out looks and framing this week.

(Sneak peak of one of the dresses being made for me, but keeping the others and the colour of this one a surprise! Such an honour!)

Also, very excitingly this week I took part in a film for the phenomenal Alexandra Groover this week. Very excited to see the finished result at London Fashion Week! Such talent.

Travellers making their way to Appleby Horse Fair.

I haven’t forgotten about my blog post on Appleby Horse Fair and the wonder that is the Roma and Irish traveller culture. Continuing my work along that theme I may be heading down South to Camp Bestival to follow and photograph a Rajasthan Band and/or Circus who will be touring around England over the next few months.

…And other shoots to come including Swan Lake inspired water-dancing, wild couples and a very special group of dancers. Oh and getting my website done…(how many times do I say this?)

Also a more personal excitement coming up will be taking the form of a secret wedding outside of Venice. The day will not be about the photographs, but the photographs will be stunning.

Loving you all for your support and looking forward to sharing more,

Love Diana

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