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IT’S [still] ALL ABOUT ME – Self Portraits take two

OK so I got another spare moment to do some self-portraits and I realised that I get quite frustrated. I feel these pictures, more than any, have to be perfect because I have so much control, no wait I have ALL the control. Just a little more time adjusting my tripod, getting myself into the zone (oh yeah) and moving objects a mm this way…

Every now and again I indulge that perfectionist side of me, but I am aware that sometime spontaneity and JUST DOING IT are as valuable as being precise. And so because of this, and maybe because I was tired of chucking cups of water at my face (first brilliant idea), I strayed off course and did some steam painting in the mirror.

No particular intelligence behind them but they do look rather like oil paintings. Someone said it reminded them of Rembrandt’s self-portraits. So, I figured, I have discovered a mirror, steam and camera aided shortcut to the mastery of oil paintings, clearly…

Let me know your feedback and ideas that come to mind when looking at the pictures you clever people!

Discuss. (Oh how callously funny I found that when written in exam questions).

Love and courage,



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