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Spelbound – Performance In Images

I wanted to share with you the images that I took of Spelbound. You might remember them as the winners of 2010’s Britain’s Got Talent. They truly live up to their name!

With Spelbound the music choice is always sublime. Take or example their most well-known choice that used throughout the audition process was O’ Fortuna by Carl Orff. This is a song steeped in mythology: it complains about fate and the Roman goddess Fortuna and married with the gymnastics it was otherworldly.

I took a series of black and white stills trying to depict that paranormal, almost ritualistic feel that I experienced when watching the combination of their stunning performance and the epic music. It is always hard when photographing a performance to translate live action to visual image. But Spelbound are wonderful performers. They commit entirely to the shared character of the group right to their facial expressions. Their choreography is so staggering and the shapes in their choreography are bewitching.

Simply spellbinding.

Love Diana

P.S. Here are Spelbound in action at the Royal Variety show if you haven’t already seen them.

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