Makeup / Shoot

Songbird – Styling and Makeup

I have been promising a makeup and styling blog post for a while. I think the Songbird shoot that I did with the beautiful singer/songwriter Nina Schofield is an interesting one to talk about.

The styling was quite fantastical with 6 metres of pale pink fabric attached to the back of a beautiful tapestry like dress which my friend fondly calls my curtain dress. (It’s from Monsoon’s old brand Twilight, if anyone wants to know. I have two great formal dresses from that name).

These are the test shots in the back garden to see how ‘the look’ would hold its own in a photograph.

It did.

We didn’t make any adjustments after this. Nina looked so incredibly elegant and ethereal just in her garden we figured she was bound to look good in a glorious blossom tree.

The Makeup

All the pale colours of the dress, the fabric, even Nina herself is fair, which meant that the elongated lines just travelled further and I didn’t want to break that up with dark and heavy makeup.

I went for a very fresh look and held back on the blusher and bronzer in favour of a stain. Sometimes waiting and looking and applying with restraint opens up a range of more subtle looks which really come alive on camera.

BASE: I used the lightest Clarins shade foundation with no contour shading.
LIPS: Lipstick in a mulberry type colour dabbed on her lip and cheek.
EYES: Eyeshadow shading with a matt brown and mascara. Black eyeliner pushed into the lashes.
BROWS: Eyebrow definition with blonde pencil.

This makeup look was quite different from the heavy eyes we had in the first two looks (another blog post on those later). You could definitely wear this makeup on an every day basis, in fact I think I did the day after. I often get swept up in the shoot for about a day after, ha!

The Hair

I wanted to keep it sleek, stream-lined with this long ethereal silhouette we had created.

We went for a side parting and a low bun with lots of gel to keep the hair close to the head. Fluttering feathers stopped it from looking too stark and military.

The Accessories

Marcasite clip-on earrings were the only jewellery pieces I used. They are quite abstract and Art-Deco but fit with the natural. Plus the muted silver of marcasite means it won’t sparkle enough to detract attention from the lines, but just enough to look good in close-ups.

The pigeon feathers (yes, pigeon) were the only real hint to the “bird” in the songbird theme. I wanted something quite grounding, a contrast to the ethereal, something that would sit well next to trees and flowers and fields. Well done Nina for indulging me and putting them in her hair! (They were washed mind). I love the large grey ones but the little down ones tucked into her bun are so cute!

I have just put the finished photographs up on my facebook page, so check them out.

Love Diana

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