Rain, Rain……DO NOT Go Away!

Now, before you all begin cursing me for jinxing good honest people out of their summer, you should see what amazing things can be done in the rain.

Yes, photographs. And actually perfect things for you to look at if it is still raining, especially when they are as exciting as this!

Most of my shoots were cancelled this weekend because of the rain: the weather was not complying with my theme of hot summer days and clear skies.

So I emailed two fabulous dancers Nandita and Alice asking whether they wanted to try something a little odd in what England had given us: rain.

You may have seen Alice in my pictures before, but this was my first time working with Nandita. It was great, she is lovely and intelligent with the most graceful legs and feet. Needless to say, I’m glad I contacted them.

I had been forming an idea in my brain for a while doing a few quick sketches as I went. My aim was to reproduce that look of horror when people realise that it has started to rain and that they need to get. Out. Of. It. NOW.

I wanted something with the feel of early 20th century street photography but with a theatrical edge and lovely dancers to make the lines as dynamic as they could be.

Like in the sketch, I really wanted to have a rain hat in the shoot which sadly never materialised (I could not get the Camden stall-holder to go any lower than £8 on his £15 last hat). We ended up using umbrellas which worked beautifully. There was a book in a doorway and a quick compact mirror check. Some of my favourites in the shoot!

I decided on a rough 1920/30s theme but I did not want to get hung up on authenticity, because I wanted to shoot on modern roads which have modern cars and modern buildings.

I wanted an 1920s look maybe even a bit bag lady. I managed to find all the clothes under that description in my wardrobe (that’s not worrying).

The makeup and hair I wanted to be a little more sophisticated, with the idea in mind that it would unravel at the end of the shoot when I came to photograph the sheltering from the rain series with books and compact mirrors.

Earrings added that extra bit of polish. We really were sheltering from the rain at that point it was tipping it down! I ran around covering my camera with a third umbrella most of the shoot.

Like so many photo shoots new shots are found along the journey adding to what you had already envisaged. Particularly when you have two talented ladies as your subjects and the streets of London to play with.

Here are the photographs from leaving the houses, to falling into puddles, to sheltering in doorways.

I hope you get caught up in the rain…

Ready to leave.

Caught In A Quick Shower

Is it Going to Rain? I think it is going to rain.

Avoiding Puddles

‘The Caught in the Rain’ series

Being Silly With Umbrellas In the Road

Sheltering From The Rain

The Rain Has Ended

All images copyright Diana Patient.


4 thoughts on “Rain, Rain……DO NOT Go Away!

  1. Diana this shoot is fantastic, as expected! I think my fave images are the sheltering from the rain ones – what beautiful ladies too! Also, really really love the last colour image, the red coat/upside-down umbrella/patterned dress interaction is just beautiful. Great work as always lovely. Ayla xx

  2. Diana!) Really really love the photos and the atmosphere…. Very nice dresses and hair and everything, so feminine and made me feel a little bit nostalgic about those old magic times when people were dressed with so much attention to the detail… Magic photoshoot… ❤


  3. Thank you so much both of you! Was nice to something spontaneous and personal, although having said that I seem to be very lucky with my clients as well.

    Ayla! Yes, last one I was experiementing with subdued hues. And the girls look so lovely together.

    I know Masha! I think everything can be worn mainstream today seperately, but together it does become magic and look “too thought out” for most peoples’ tastes today. We should dress like this though and parade!

    Love Diana

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