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When You’re Busy You Do More…

Have been playing catch-up with myself for the last few weeks, but so thankful to be busy.

Have been doing lots of really great stuff recently. Dance For Japan was amazing getting to photograph some wonderful dancers and teachers and raise money for the relief effort in Japan, assisting a wonderful fashion photographer, meeting new people, planning exciting projects to come.

And finding inspiration in the strangest of places and creating more work for myself, but in these moments it doesn’t feel like work. The other day and took some photographs of my friends that I really fell in love with…

(I like the fourth one best)

There are many more but I like this set the best today. It was at a BBQ. I love that my friends wear ball gowns to BBQs.

Looking forward to sharing…

…The photos from a client shoot that I fell in love with and blogged a bit about in WEAR NO MAKEUP
…Dance For Japan photographs!
…Time I spent in Belgium.
…Gypsy tales. Going to Appleby fair to do a writing and photography piece and it is going to be amazing!
…New self-portrait related project I’m working on.
…TIME WITH INTERESTING PEOPLE – Professional Storyteller and Actor

So I better get busy in the busy.

Love Diana

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