Makeup / Shoot


My first makeup tutorial for summer…

…wear no makeup.

Brooke Sheilds, eat your heart out.

I did a shoot with Phoebe Aisihuazelei by the sea (above) and we decided that no makeup was the way forward.

I was so delighted.

Look at the beautiful natural colours!

I think that everyone has a natural makeup of colours in their eyes skin, hair that all combine to make the perfect mix. And there is a subtlety that is lost when people wear cosmetics.

Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup. It is ludicrously fun to apply and buy and experiment with, but it’s also great to go back and get some inspiration from the organic.

So everyone (girls mainly) I suggest you all go au natural, naked in the facial area, unmasked for one day. It sounds terrifying but if you like it think how great it will be to have one more look nailed! Yes!

Take off all your makeup (maybe even exfoliate for a really fresh start) and have a look at your natural colouring. The colour of your eyes, eyelashes, hair, skin, colours under your skin, eyebrows. Study the way they all combine.

And then maybe walk out the door that way or just take a picture…

If you’re not prepared to go the whole hog then maybe just concealer, (but beware of completely flushing out the natural contours of your face as you can’t put them back in with other products like blusher and eyeshadow). Curling eyelashes could be allowed as well and a beautiful glossy mane like Phoebe’s helps give that Blue Lagoon feel.

I would love to see how all of you who undertake the challenge get on…and then send me your photos and words of wisdom! I think a lot of you will be pleasently surprised.

You are all beautiful.

Yes, yes you are.

Love Diana

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