Photographers Meet Up / Shoot

One Ridiculously Hot Day In London

Thank you Steve and Dave for a silly day of photographs in the sun.

We spied on people over drinks:

Dave wanted to try to catch someone jumping with multiple exposures (9 of them).

But we were drinking, so we tried to use his hand…

Shame. It may have failed.

Steve and Dave sat against a wall and entertained my camera…and themselves (more of these soon).

We swapped around cameras. Canon for Nikon and Nikon for Canon. I found these pictures of me which I rather liked…

By the talented Steve Tan

By the equally talented David Laws.

We did a couple of headshots.

Dave thinking of little children being squashed by vans to achieve this look…

…oh no, wait this look…

Steve embodies the spirit of the child-crushing van…

…but ends up with a pretty good headshot.

“What a great afternoon!” Said Dave…

…to Steve…


I agree lovely way to spend one ridiculously sunny day!

Now back to work.



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